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Board Meetings are the Monday before the Membership Meeting at 6:00 pm

Membership meetings are the 3rd Friday of the month at 7:00 pm

Enjoy the game on big screen television, both in the Clubhouse and at the Tiki Bar

MRYC Clubhouse
is also the home of
Galloway Yacht Club
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Middle River Yacht Club
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Membership in Middle River Yacht Club

Full Members:  These are our Voting Members & Owners of out Club. They are active, normally have a boat, love to socialize, and have a real stake in what happens within the Club. Their “significant others” are considered Mate Members. They have first priority to lease a slip.

Provisional Full Member:   When the total number of Full Members reaches a max of 50, as set by our By-Laws, applicants  become Provisional Members until the space opens up.  This holds their seniority while waiting. They are Non-Voting Members. They may lease a slip.

Paying or Full Mate Members: These are Voting Members who have a

“significant other” as a Full Member. They may not lease a slip.

Mate Member:  These Non-Voting Members have no “official” obligations.  They’re our quiet partners whose generosity with their time and support is indispensable.  We love them and know we can’t live without them. They may not lease a slip.

Social Members:  We love these Non-Voting Members and they love us. They don’t need a boat slip, and fully enjoy the social aspects of being in a Yacht Club. They’re a large part of our family. They may not lease a slip.

Associate Members:  These Non-Voting Members may lease a slip, if available.  Their time is limited and they’re not available for our Club meetings or social events. They help pay Club obligations and we appreciate them.

Honorary Members:  These Non-Voting Members are recommended by the Board of Directors and voted in by the Membership. These Members have earned this honor through past efforts and practices.  It’s an honor to have them in our family.  They may lease a slip, if available.

Once filled out, Prospective Members can print a paper copy
to keep for themselves.  Save a copy of this form as a file, then, attach it to an email,
and send to membershipcommittee@middleriveryachtclub.org
A representative from the Membership Committee will be in touch to set up a meeting.  
Please note that there will be a $300.00 Application Fee (non-refundable)
which is due at the submission & Introduction of your application
by the Membership Committee to the  Board of Directors.
Fill out the form, using your “Tab” (or “next”) to move  to the next frame.